Learn to Trade

Our education services has something for everyone regardless of your expertise level. If you are new to trading, our Basic course will start with market terminology and glossary, help you understand the market structures and how price works. Finally, it will help you place your first trade. 

If you have already started your trading journey, our Intermediate course will introduce you to the charts and patterns and help you with short and medium term trading strategies, identifying chart patterns and trade setups and find the right entry and exit points based on technical analysis of charts.

Finally, if you are already successful and making occasional profits, winning some and losing some but still chopping around the vicinity of your capital, we can help you get to the next level through some Advanced strategies including simple options trading. 

We can’t and don’t promise overnight millionaires. We wouldn’t teachng this if we were already but we will definitely help you learn, plan and execute better. Our live courses and real life examples of chart reading provide a structured journey from the simple to the more complex aspects of trading. These training modules are not generic courses that you can read in any book.

You can go through our training material and setup follow on sessions Our training can be one on one or in small group. We don’t do mass trainings or videos since we dont think they bring value.

Level 1: Basic

Audience : Those who are starting out and learning the basics

Cost : $399 / participant

Objective : To learn the basics of the market, the terminology, different types of trading, risk rewards,  introduction to fundamental and technical analysis

Duration: 3 weeks. 3 classes per week. One hour / class.

Step 1: Concepts – Know the Market Lingo

  • Overview of markets / exchanges
  • Types of instruments (Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Options, Bonds)
  • Trading vs Investing (Active vs Passive)
  • Swing Trading, Day Trading, Position Trading
  • Fundamental vs Technical Analysis
  • Types of accounts (Margin / Cash)
  • Common terms (e.g. Bull, Bear, Short, Long, Hedge,…)
  • Supply Demand Theory
  • Probability and Odds
  • What’s needed to get started

Step 2 – Apply: Explore the market

  • Structure of markets
  • Industry / Sectors / ETFs
  • Finding Stocks (Screeners etc.)
  • Understand attributes on screeners
  • What moves markets:
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Screeners and scans
  • Structured approach to identifying stock

Level 2: Intermediate

Audience : Those who know the basics but are searching for depth in strategies

Cost : $499 / participant

Objective: Understand some of the common patterns and indicators that traders use.

Duration : 3 weeks. 3 classes per week. 1 hour/class. 1 hr extra class for hands-on practice

Step 1 – Technical Analysis

  • How to read charts (Candles, HA, Line, Graph)
  • Timeframes
  • Indicators
  • Patterns
  • How to combine different patterns


Step 2 – Trading Prep

  • Type of trading
  • Psychology of trading
  • Risk Reward
  • Capital Requirements
  • Nature of Profits / Losses
  • Strategy & Discipline

Level 3: Advanced

Audience : People who are making money but looking for more consistent and sophisticated strategies

Cost : $599 / participant

Objective: To teach convex strategies that our firm has developed and executed over the years for consistent profits

Duration: 3 weeks. 3 classes per week. 1 hour/class. 1 hr extra class for hands-on practice

Step 1 – Proprietary stock strategies

  • EMA 50 bounce or breach
  • PDL / PDH Bounce
  • EMA 10/30 crossover
  • CCI Extremes
  • VWAP


Step 2 – Options Trading

  • Options Basics
  • When to deploy
  • Types of Options
  • Spreads
  • Types of strategies

Continuous Support

Audience : People who are looking for ongoing guidance and build a strong mental capital for trading high stress situations

Cost : $100 / month

Objective: To review trades and provide guidance on an ongoing basis.

Duration: Meet once a week for reviews. And provide email feedback on trades

Step 1 – Reviews

  • Present your trades and trade plans using template provided
  • Review our “Mental make up section” and ensure compliance
  • Discuss with our trading team


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